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We will happily install the neccessary number of speed nocks required for bows that need them. We have found the best results using BowJax String Sleeves in lue of the conventional (old school speed nocks) that are crimped on and may cause damage to the string.

In order to get you the best price on these sleeves we bulk order in black. If you select this option you are buying 1 pair. If you are shooting a bow that requires 16 (Bowtech Insanity, PSE Evo, PSE Omen, Destroyer 340, Destroyer 350, Carbon Element RKT, etc) you will need 2 pair of the sleeves in order to get your speed correct.

YES, you can add these to most strings. For Mathews single cam bow strings will you only need 1 pair, for other Dual cam bows you will only need 1 pair as well. For example if you shoot at Hoyt Maxxis 31 and would like to ad speed nocks you only need 1 pair.

We hope to have a video up of these examples later. Please view the video below.