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Korbin's Archery is your source for the Best bowstrings on the market. We build strings for any make, model or year of bow. We are also a full time archery shop located in Seminole, Texas. Korbin's Archery is an archery shop near Midland, Odessa, and Lubbock, Texas. Korbin's Archery is a Hoyt, Mathews, Bowtech, and Elite dealer. We stock most accessories available for compound and recurve bows. If you find a lower advertised price we will match it.

We proudly use BCY Fibers on our bowstring sets. We carry BCY X, BCY 452X, BCY 8190, BCY 8125G. We offer the highest quality custom made bowstrings on the market. By "quality" we mean that all of the strings we build are pre-stretched, served tight, and built to factory specs. You can purchase a bow string, control cable, buss cable, or a complete bow string set for any compound bow. We build bow strings for all brands, models, and cam configurations for compound and traditional bows. If you are not sure what type of bow you have or what type of bow string you need you can read our helpful articles. Ordering is easy, simply click the type of bow that you have, single cam bow or dual/hybrid cam or recurve. You can find our WARRANTY here.