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Bow String Questions
Bow String Questions

Bow String Questions
Below you will find some of the most common questions we get from our customers concerning bow string installation. 

#1. Is it ok to add twists to my bow string control cable and buss cable?
Answer: Yes, often your bow string and and cable set my lose a twist or two when it is being transferred over to packaging. Adding twists to the buss cable and control cable can help with timing your cams and bringing your axle to axle length down to spec.

#2. How do I serve in my peep sight?
Answer: Serving your peep sight into your bow string can be one of the most difficult but most important tasks required when installing your bow string. We have uploaded a video that shows you how to install your bow string. There are a couple of things that we did not cover in the video. When making your serving wrap be sure not to use too much tension. The serving should also be close to the top of the peep and the bottom of the peep. Please see the picture below for an example of a peep sight that has been served in correctly. Clicking the           bowstring link here will allow you to view a peep sight installation video.

#3. Does bow string color affect the performance of the string?
Answer: No. All of the colors that we carry perform the same. However, we have seen more problems with strings that have more than 3 colors twisted in.

#4. How often should I wax my bow string? Should I wax the served areas?
Answer: Bow strings should be waxed after every shooting session. Bow string wax helps to lubricate the string and alleviate abrasion between the cables and the cable slide. You should wax the buss cable, the control cable (dual cam bows), and the shooting string. We have uploaded a video that goes over waxing a bowstring. Waxing the serving tends to lead to more problems than good when the bow is being used often. Excess wax on served areas collects dirt and can cause abrasion in the cam grooves affecting bow string serving life and overall bow performance.