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Bow string material options.
What material should I choose?

Choosing the right material can seem like a daunting task. That is the reason most bow string manufactures don't allow you to choose. We want you to choose the material that you prefer and we hope that his article helps you choose the right one. Please feel free to email or call us if you are still not sure what material you need.
AstroFlight bow string material
Here is a list of bowstring material options we offer.
  1. Brownell Astro Flight
  2. BCY 452X click to see description
  3. BCY 452X Trophy with Gore Fibers
Here is a description of Brownell Astro Flight.
Brownell Astro Flight Bowstring Material:
Next generation Bowstring Material
- No Creep
- 20% Stronger
- Fastest Arrow Speed
- Durable
- Stable
- Soft Shot
- Performs like a combination material
- 100% HMPE
What does all that information mean? Astro Flight is a great material for all bows. It is fast quiet, frey resistent, offers not creep, not stretch, and 0 peep rotation. 7 of our top Pro-Staff shooters prefer Astro Flight as their primary bowstring material. The colors offered in Astro Flight are vibrant and will really make your bowstring one of a kind.There is one major draw back to Astro Flight though and that is the colors offered. There are fewer colors available at this time. Below you will see the options that are currently available.
Baby BlueBrownell BlackBrownell BlueBrownell CocobolaBrownell Dark BrownBrownell Dark PurpleBrownell FlogreenBrownell Flo OrangeBrownell Flo Pink
Flo YellowBrownell GreyBrownell Hot PinkBrownell Hunter GreenBrownell Lime GreenBrownell Lime LightBrownell Medium BrownBrownell RedBrownell White