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Bow String Cam Type
What type of bow string do you need? What type of bow do you have? Do you have a single cam bow?

Types of Cams
Many of our customers aren't sure what type of bow that they have. " Is my bow a dual cam or a single cam? Can I order a single cam bow string for my dual cam bow?" The answers to these two questions and many more can be found below.
What is a single cam bow?
A single cam bow has one shooting bow string and a y-cable/buss cable (picture). Single cam refers to the bow having an idler wheel (picture) at the top of the bow and a cam on the bottom of the bow. Most bow manufactures offer a bow with a single cam. Mathews, PSE, Diamond, Ross, and Bear Archery are just a few examples.
Bow String Single Cam
What is a dual cam bow?
A dual cam bow has a cam on top and a cam on bottom. The dual cam bow requires at least 3 strings with some requiring more than 3. An example of a dual/hyrbid that requires more than 3 strings is BowTech AirRaid or the Mathews Monster. Don't worry though! Most dual/hybrid cam bows only require 3.
String Required for a dual/hybrid cam bow:
Shooting string
Control Cable
Dual Cam Bow String