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Why do we build bow strings?

Bow strings are more than the most important part of a bow to us. Building a bow string that will last is a challenge. The numerous factors that lead to the perfect bow string are the reason I started Korbin's Strings. The challenge varies from bow to bow and keeps our company working hard. We consider each bow string that leaves our shop a work of art.


All of our bowstrings are built on custom made machines that allow us to pre-stretch our materials up to 700lbs if the material being used needs it. Another benefit to our machines the opportunity it provides for us to measure the amount of serving tension applied. Monitoring the serving tension provides you with a bowstring that has 0 peep rotation, 0 creep, and 0 stretch.


All of our completed bowstrings are precision measured using an elctronic machine at 100lbs. The machine insures that all of our strings have been "quality," measured.


We offer only the top materials on the market from BCY X and BCY 8190 BCY 452xand BCY 452xwith GORE. The serving material depends on the specific bow in question, but again we only use the best materials on the market. You can read about BCY material here. You can can read about Brownell materials here.

Color choices:

We offer too many color choices to list them all. You can see them by clicking on the type of string that you need in the menu on the left hand side of this page. You can also read about color choices and BCYand Brownellmaterial choices here.


Should you have an issue with the string set you order from us, simply email us and let us know. We back every string set that we make.


Our promise to you

As you can see with our product review section,Korbin's Archery is committed to only selling products that we believe in. If your string does not hold up for a standard year of shooting please feel free to contact us. We stand behind our strings, and we want you to be happy.