Rage Hypodermic NC +P Broadheads
100 gr. 3 pk.

Product Code:R38300


The revolutionary Hypodermic NC +P utilizes cutting-edge finger-like tabs on the bladesâ?? Slip Cam pivot point to â??anchorâ?쳌 them in place while in the closed position, completely eliminating the need for a shock collar, dental band or O-ring, while still providing reliable blade retention. Upon impact, the blades instantly deploy to a 1 3/4-inch cutting diameter, administering the gaping wounds that bowhunters have come to expect from the field-proven Rage Hypodermic series. The new Hypodermic Crossbow NC +P features the lethal Hypodermic hybrid tip with an even narrower profile and needle-like ferrule and swept-back blade design for deeper penetration. In flight, that streamlined design makes for superior field-tip accuracy. The two .035â?쳌 thick blades deploy on impact, sliding into a swept-back blade angle while the 1.75â?쳌 cutting diameter delivers a wide entry hole for gruesome blood trails and brief tracking jobs.

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